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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve received chiropractic care before – what makes you different?
Many of our first-time Los Angeles, CA patients ask us this question during their first visit. The answer is simple. We don’t crack, twist, or pop your back into place. Our Los Angeles, CA office have the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide chiropractic adjustments to our patients.
Do I have to subscribe?
No. Some patients pop into our Los Angeles, CA office for a one-time initial visit and then come when they need pain relief. However, many patients find that making regular visits helps provide long-term relief from pain. Your technician can help outline which treatment program is best.
I don’t play sports. Why do I need chiropractic care?
Even if you’re not an elite Los Angeles, CA athlete, chiropractic care could be worthwhile. Thanks to cell phones and computers, many people suffer from poor posture. These structural deficiencies could create a host of health problems. Chiropractic visits serve as a reset button.
I’m still sore after my first visit – what gives?
Soreness after your first visit to our Los Angeles, CA office can be attributed to two things. One, some soreness is to be expected, much like how your body is sore after an intense workout. Second, you may have long-standing chronic pain that will require more than one visit.
Can I do more than just chiropractic work?
Absolutely! During your first visit, your licensed doctor will go through your health history and identify the areas causing you the most problems. Your doctor will then come up with a comprehensive plan of action to treat your pain. You can participate in any treatment programs recommended by your doctor.
Can you provide me with pain medication?
At Westwood Clinic, we seek to identify the root of our Los Angeles, CA patients’ pain. We tend not to prescribe pain medication to Los Angeles, CA patients. However, we believe in products that provide natural forms of pain relief such as the use of vitamins and minerals.

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